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Our Concepts

We have the latest Japanese Style Rehabilitation technology

We have therapists who trained in Japan

We have Japanese therapists

We give our patients a healthy long life

We help patients improve their walking technique and posture
Stroke Care
Treatment for those who
  • Have difficulty in moving hands and legs, or feel weak
  • Want to improve their posture
  • Have issues with daily life due to Paralysis
  • Want to have more opportunities in life
  • Want to receive rehabilitation with the use of brace / robot
Related disease / symptoms:
Stroke (cerebral Infarction, brain hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage), spinal cord injury etc..

Orthopedic Care
Treatment for those who
  • Want to improve muscle and physical strength after bone fracture
  • Want to cure chronic stiff shoulder / lower back pain
  • Want to reduce aftereffect of disease
  • Want to eliminate pain
  • Want to cure body distortion
Related disease / symptoms:
Stiff shoulder, lower back pain, bone fracture, post-bone fracture, joint pain, ligament / cartilage injury, deformation, numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, headache etc..

Sports Injury Care
Treatment for those who
  • Want to return to playing sports as soon as possible
  • Want to receive rehabilitation tailored to specific injuries
  • Want to improve strength effectively
  • Want to receive personal training
  • Want to increase performance
Related disease / symptoms:
Bruise, muscle strain, muscle / ligament / nerve injury, bone fracture, aftereffect damages, etc.. Or even in the case without any injuries

Physical Strength Care
Treatment for those who
  • Have less body mobility
  • Have less physical strength
  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to prevent disease
  • Want to receive advice for exercise
Related disease / symptoms:
Obesity, bedridden state, aging, respiratory disease, heart disease, post operation/ flu etc...

Robots used for treatment

Robots are used for rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury. With the help of robot rehabilitation, we provide support for physical functions such as eating and walking, and offer training to patients to promote recovery of paralyzed parts.
One of the great features of robot rehabilitation is that, with the help of robots which can support patients longer hours than humans, patients receive more training than conventional rehabilitation methods.
In addition, by using robot rehabilitation, we can establish movements which are difficult for human hands, and provide training tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

※This system will be introduced within days